Detailing and Protecting Tesla Vehicles

We offer a discount of 10% on our Ceramic Coating and Protection Packages for Tesla vehicles.

The paint of Tesla vehicles has been documented to be notoriously soft, fragile and much inferior to that of other vehicle manufacturers, as a result of the painting process Tesla utilizes at their Fremont, California facility. While some testimonials recount how Tesla honors warranty claims on their paint, such claims' conditions appear to be stringent and tedious for the average owner to undergo. (We know, too, because we drive a Tesla.)

Instead of addressing Tesla paint issues after the fact, we offer preventive solutions to protect and preserve your Tesla's paint even before the problems start.

A significant portion of our work has been performed on Tesla vehicles since even before they became mainstream in 2017. Of those Teslas, we observed most to have been transported directly from the dealership to our facility, to prepare them for usual, daily use. As we regularly emphasize, no time is better to protect your Tesla—or any other vehicle for that matter—than when it is brand new. It has never been more relevant in the automotive industry, but we tend to remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Tesla Model X


  • Address defects common to Tesla paint jobs before they worsen
  • Maximize the vehicle's paint finish and enhance its appearance
  • Supplement the vehicle paint's protective characteristics
  • Minimize aesthetic maintenance and save time, money and effort
  • Preserve the vehicle's overall look and its value in the long term

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