Classic Car Detailing

We consider detailing classic cars to be in a class of its own, imbued with greater interest in protecting and preserving an asset, if not helping it appreciate in value.

Our shop, probably like many others, is replete with the detailing equipment and materials to detail any vehicle on the road today. Despite this, we think that the most important consideration in this aspect of detailing is the ability to understand how sensitive, fragile or simply different classic cars are. Their needs depart from those of newer vehicles and require a higher form of discerning among techniques and tools to be used. We at Unique Detailing have this understanding, gained through more than two long decades of studying, hands-on experience and keeping abreast with industry standards to care for your classic asset properly.

Our experience tells us that owners of such cars are more meticulous and protective of their classics than the average customer. We are proud of being able to cater to their needs and be assuring that we can do the same for you.

Reach us to discuss a detailing approach to your classic vehicle, or click the button below to book an appointment today!

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