Exotic Car Detailing

A typical misconception is that exotic supercars are more difficult to detail than the average vehicle. The truth is that the detailing process does not so much differ. In fact, many times a family van for children and pets will take considerably more time and effort (resulting in a more drastic change after our service) than a sparingly-used, Sunday-driven supercar.

Our time and effort, however, are diverted somewhere else in dealing with exotic cars throughout our lengthy career: knowing how to handle and move about these vehicles, familiarity with their controls and features, and identifying nuances from the average daily greatly aid us in protecting and preserving their status. Of course, using the right products and applying proper techniques learned over time help us deliver a job they require and deserve. While they are generally unused, garaged and sheltered (and therefore offer little room for a drastic change in appearance), we can see to it that your exotic vehicles stay super for years to come.

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