Mobile RV & Motor Home Detailing

Don't spend days breaking your back trying to get your RV cleaned. Call the professionals with the right tools and tricks to clean and protect your large investment the way it should be

RV Cut Polish & Wax

Restoring faded and oxidized gel coat is no easy task that requires many man hours with the right tools and products to bring back that brilliant reflective shine

From $40 linear ft.

Unique Detailing is experienced in the removal of new and old decals from your vehicle safely. Leave it to our professionals to remove decals, adhesive and polish out Shadowmark® from where previous decals were if necessary.

**Popular Add-Ons**

Aquapel rain repellent glass treatment $100

RV Wash & Wax

Decontaminating and waxing yearly is a crucial part of maintaining your RV. Neglecting to do so will greatly increase your risk of oxidation and fading.

From $30 linear ft

Power rinse.

Wash and decontaminate including roof.

Apply spray hydrophobic sealant on roof.

Meguiars RV Cleaner Wax applied with a random orbital polisher and removed by hand for best results.

UV protectant with Aerospace 303 all exterior trim and mouldings.

**Popular Add-Ons**

Aquapel rain repellent glass treatment $100

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