Mobile Decal, Vinyl & PPF Wrap Removal

Decal and wrap removal can be either easy or extremely difficult, depending on the kind and size of wrap used, its age, exposure to the elements and the surface to which it adheres. At any rate, efficient wrap removal requires the tools, experience and techniques to minimize the time (and consequently, money) spent to achieve the desired result. Ultimately, removing the wrap without adhesive leftovers or damage to the vehicle's original paint are our priorities and what we offer to do at Unique Detailing.

Service starts at $200. Please send us photos of the vehicle for a customized quote.


  • Polish out shadowmarks or pre-existing decal / wrap outlines
  • Clay bar treatment and wax
  • Mobile Full Monty to reset the vehicle's condition for sale or another use


This service is for individuals or companies intending to change the look of their wrapped vehicles or restore them to original, for selling the same or returning at the end of a lease, wrap replacement, getting a new look or reapplying paint protection film.

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