Mobile Fleet Detailing

When your agents are working in the field, you'd want them to focus on the business and not on the visual condition of their company vehicles; but as these vehicles are undoubtedly extensions of the corporate image, they must be at their most presentable to potential patrons. This is where we come in.

Unique Detailing is highly capable of maintaining your business's fleet of vehicles for you. We offer service free of worry and bother--our mobile units are self-contained and have everything we need to deliver services completely and promptly. Simply allow us a space to attend to your vehicle needs for:

  • Exterior services from washing to paint correction;
  • Interior services from basic vacuuming to heavy detailing;
  • Exterior and interior packages; and
  • Sanitizing, disinfecting and odour removal.

Fleet prices start at as little as $50 per vehicle. Please reach us for a customized quote.


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