Bike Detailing

Whether you have a custom chopper, cruiser, sport bike, touring bike or even a dirt bike we have your detailing and protecting needs covered.

  • $100 per hour, 4-8 hrs
  • Gentle power wash rinse
  • Hand wash
  • In-depth wheel cleaning
  • Clay bar all painted and chrome surfaces to remover all surface contamination
  • High air pressure drying
  • Polish painted surfaces
  • Hand polish chrome and metal
  • Protect paint, plastic, chrome & metal

Bike Ceramic Coating Protection Packages

Cleaning your bike is one tricky and tedious task. That is why we recommend Protecting your bike in a Ceramic Coating. This will ensure ease of cleaning for years with extreme hydrophobic protection that is chemical and heat resistant up to 750 degrees Celsius. Also not to mention the Coating has a 9h hardness that is 3X more scratch resistant than just clear coat and wax.

From $500

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