Mobile Bike Detailing

Bikes and cars have an obvious lot of difference between them. Detailing bikes demands a varied and more circumspect approach; but whether you have a custom chopper, cruiser, sport, touring or dirt bike, we at Unique have the technical know-how for the proper detailing, protection and preservation your big bikes require.

From $75 per hour with a one hour call-out fee

Running time: 4 hours on average, depending on the vehicle's condition


  • Careful powerwash pre-rinse
  • Deep clean of wheel hubs, spokes, rims and tires
  • Gentle hand wash with pH-neutral vehicle shampoo
  • Clay bar treatment and chemical decontamination to remove bug splatter, iron fallout, tar, tree sap and light paint overspray
  • Dry with an airblower and plush mircofibre towel
  • Single stage dual-action machine polish for paintwork, to restore gloss and remove light swirls and scratches
  • Hand-polish chrome and stainless steel surfaces
  • Spray on ceramic-based paint sealant for protection of at least 6 months


From $500

The same paint protection we use on four-wheeled vehicles is very much applicable to big bikes.

Ceramic coatings benefit paint and other surfaces with UV protection to guard against fading; hydrophobic properties for ease of cleaning and decontamination; and a deep gloss for maximum aesthetic.

Paint protection film is your best bet against small stone chips and road debris, bugs, salt, tree sap and even minor scrapes.

Please see our Paint Protection Page or email us for a custom quote!

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