Bike Detailing

Restore and Protect Your Beloved Bike We will come to you and provide our professional detailing services for your bike.

Unique Detailing is a local mobile detailing company. We are the experts in bike detailing in BC. We have pledged to build our business through our reputation and we're proud of it!

Bike Detailing Services

  • Bike Washing 
  • Bike Disinfecting
  • Bike Polishing
  • Bike Waxing

Why Unique?

  • We'll Remove 100% of the Overspray

    Our professional technicians will carefully remove 100% of the overspray to ensure the longlasting lustre of your bike.

  • Convenient Bike Detailing

    We are mobile and bring our services to you whether at work, home or play. One of our fully self-contained trucks will pull up where and when you want, we provide water, power, tent, fully equipped state of the art detailing equipment, products and a friendly face.

  • Consistent Detailing Services

    You will receive the same excellence in service every time with my long term, dedicated, and fully trained staff. Faces and names you will see consistently and can trust!

  • Excellent Vehicle Detailing Professionals

    Unique Mobile Detailing not only provides the best in a complete detail of your vehicle, but has mastered the art of paint correction and cut polishing with our REVOLUTIONARY EQUIPMENT/PRODUCTS/KNOWLEDGE to ensure a HOLOGRAM and SWIRL FREE FINISH on your paint work. We are constantly educating ourselves with new and ever changing equipment, waxes, protections, and techniques to stay above the rest!

  • Eco Friendly Bike Wash

    We use biodegradable eco friendly products. Unique Detailing can offer complete high pressure vapour steam cleaning, with next to no water run off on your exterior or interior detail. VOC compliant. For those with sensitive allergies to cleaning products, we offer steam cleaning interior detailing with no other products being used if required.

Exterior Services

  • Wash & Wax
  • Paint Correction via Cut Polish
  • Paint Protection
  • Wet Sanding
  • Exterior Detailing

Interior Services

  • Odour Removal via Ozone Treatment
  • Bed Bug Extermination
  • Vapour & Steam Clean
  • Fabric & Seat Shampooing
  • Interior Detailing

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