Interior Detail

If you look to keep your vehicle's cockpit aesthetically pleasing, preserve your ride's value, or simply ensure that you come in contact with only clean surfaces, our Interior Detail is your holistic solution. We wipe, scrub, shampoo or disinfect every square inch of the interior with meticulous regard, bearing results that are a true testament to our attention to detail.

From $100 per hour

Running time: 3-6 hours on average, depending on the vehicle's condition


  • Wash and scrub rubber mats, or shampoo fabric mats
  • Vacuum seats and carpet
  • Gently scrub and disinfect dashboard, consoles, seats, door cards and all other interior surfaces with appropriate agitation tools and safe surface-specific chemicals; shampoo and steam extraction are used for fabric seats
  • Using compressed air and air cleaning tools, blow debris out of all nooks and crannies in seats, trims, vents and other components
  • Application of the appropriate conditioner or protectant for interior surfaces
  • Streak-free cleaning of windows, driving and vanity mirrors, and other glass or glossy surfaces


  • Exterior wash – From $100
  • Exterior wash, clay bar treatment and ceramic-based spray-on paint protection – $200 
  • Chlorine dioxide treatment for smoke and other odour elimation – $100
  • Mould Elimination


  • Additional charges may apply for heavy soiling, the presence of mould, pet hair or stains;
  • We advise our customers to remove all personal belongings from the vehicle to ensure efficient service delivery.

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