Mould Elimination

The presence of mould in a vehicle cannot be taken lightly. Not only can mould permanently damage your vehicle's interior, it can also be gravely deleterious to your health.

The proper treatment of mould requires a precise approach that is best left to professionals like us. We strongly recommend taking your vehicle into our shop for extensive treatment by utilizing the proper procedure, tools, equipment, disinfectants and fungicides.

Starts at $1000

Running time: 3 days at minimum


We have observed that mould growth is worst when the cause of the moist interior environment is a wet carpet. Water in the cabin can be a result of clogged sunroof or airconditioning system drains, blocked rain channels, failing or damaged door seals, or simply a heavy spillage of liquid. Our experience has allowed us to follow this general approach to mould removal: seats and carpet removal, treatment of infected areas and the thorough drying of the vehicle's interior.


  • Where necessary, removal of seats, center console, carpet and underlay for chemical disinfection and treatment, cleaning and drying
  • Chlorine dioxide vapor-release and/or ozone machine treatment
  • Leak test to detect and/or prevent water from entering the cabin
  • Adequately dry vehicle interior
  • Full Interior Detail


  • Mould in a vehicle is usually a result of a moist interior environment. It is an indication of a lack of airflow or heat, or worse, a water leak or seepage into the cabin;
  • After treatment, a customer shall continue to observe the areas treated for mould and ensure that they are dry. Leaks or seepages, if any, must properly addressed; otherwise, mould growth will inevitably recur.
  • We advise our customers to remove all personal belongings from the vehicle to ensure efficient service delivery.

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