Mould Elimination

From $1000-$2000

3-7 days

Often times, when there is mould, we find that there is a leak or water accumulation that is trapped under the carpet and seats. When this is the issue, you can never thoroughly dry the vehicle without removing the seats and carpet. As a result, the mould will continue to re-appear. In order to combat this fully, we need to remove the carpet and seats, adequately dry the underlay and any moisture in the vehicle, and clean the areas that were not visible before. We perform a chlorine dioxide and ozone treatment. throughout the vehicle to eliminate any mould spores. We also do a leak test before we put the seats and carpets back in so that the water does not re-appear. Please note, that this does not mean that we fix the leak. We just determine if there is still a leak or not and help locate it.  This procedure will take us a 3-7 days.

  • Full interior steam clean mould elimination
  • Remove seats, carpet, and underlay to adequately clean and dry
  • Chlorine and ozone machine treatment
  • Water Leak test
  • Adequately dry vehicle
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