Overspray Removal

Overspray refers to small particles of vehicle, building or road paint, epoxy, asphalt, tar, concrete or any other material that does not land on an intended target, and unfortunately finds its way onto your vehicle's surfaces. As a result, your vehicle's supposedly smooth panels become contaminated and feel gritty to the touch.

We have vast experience dealing with the careful removal of overspray from your vehicle's painted surfaces, glass, chrome, plastic, rubber and other materials, as far as practicable.

Depending on the severity of overspray contamination, we may recommend polishing vehicle paint to fully restore it to its original state.

Starts at $200

Running time: depends on extent of overspray and vehicle condition



Those whose vehicles were recently within the area of an auto body or paint shop, a building painter's workspace or road construction sites, or whose vehicles generally feel rough and gritty to the touch.

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