Polishing and Paint Correction

Polishing and paint correction are processes by which defects in vehicle paint are removed. Such defects include light or heavy straight-line scratches, swirls, etching caused by tree or animal droppings, imperfections from repainting, holograms, buffer trails and other defects from improper paint correcting. Both processes involve the use of machines and various compounds. They differ in the extent to which defects are removed and therefore, in outcomes produced.

Paint Correction - Porsche 911 (964) (1)


Single-stage paint polishing means we go over your vehicle's paint with a single, finishing combination of a machine, pad and compound. The process is geared towards enhancing the paint's current state, prioritizing gloss and paint clarity by removing light swirling, microscratches or minimal oxidation.

Multi-stage paint correction on the other hand is a more extensive process of defect removal that involves many different permutations of machines, pads, compounds, and techniques. Addressed in such a process are major paint defects, deep scratches, etching, heavy oxidation and discoloration.


Both single- and multi-stage processes will definitely improve your vehicle's paint. Usually, more paint correction means better results, but how much we do really depends on you and on what your vehicle needs. We prefer an in-person assessment of your vehicle (which we gladly provide free of charge), but our experience has given us the following average ranges:

Compact: 3-8 hours
Mid-size: 4-12 hours
Full-size: 5-16 hours
Oversize: 8-20 hours


  • Extensive preparatory wash
  • Clay bar treatment and chemical decontamination to remove bug splatter, iron fallout, tar, tree sap and light paint overspray, to ensure that we're polishing paint and not dirt
  • Determine the paint's current state by measuring its thickness with an electronic gauge, to avoid burning through clearcoat
  • Paint correction proper using the appropriate compounds and multiple polishers for a hologram- and swirl-free finish
  • Wipe polished panels down with isopropyl alcohol solution or a dedicated panel wipe to remove polish and compound oils


  • Robust paint protection in ceramic or graphene coating – please see our Paint Protection Page
  • Aquapel® extreme water repellency treatment, windshield only – $75
  • Aquapel® extreme water repellency treatment, front windshield and two windows – $150


This service is for anyone looking to restore their paint and maximize its aesthetic potential through the removal of unsightly paint defects, heavy scratches, bush scratches, oxidized paint, hardwater deposits, acid rain etching, holograms, and polishing and sanding scratches.

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