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When you first buy the car of your dreams, you want it's stunning, flawless beauty and style to last forever. Maintaining your favorite vehicle model's chic, contemporary lines and seamless exterior surface luster is of major importance and essential to your future happiness and time on the road. To help ensure your new vehicle's lasting beauty and smooth-surfaced, unequaled allure, you need top-tier Paint Protection Film, commonly called Clear Bra, Clear Mask, Invisible Shield and Rock Chip/Car Scratch Protection. This aspect of quality car detailing can help ensure the stunning beauty of your car for months and even years to come.

As the owner and operator of Unique Mobile Detailing serving Vancouver and surrounding regions, Kurtis Martin has always been a perfectionist who developed a unique talent for detailing cars early in life. This top quality company exhibits the same superior focus on perfection, fine detail and excellence in every aspect of its mobile detailing enterprise. The experienced professional team of Unique Mobile Detailing is well prepared to perform optimal caliber ppf services to revitalize and enhance your vehicle's body surfaces, including expert application of the ideal paint protection film.

Ultimate Quality Paint Protection Film for Your Vehicle

With a quality automotive film protecting the surfaces of your new classic car, Land Rover or sports car, your vehicle will retain its original outer appeal much longer. With fine caliber paint protection film in place, your car will be shielded from multiple types of surface damage, including chips, scrapes and scratches inflicted by loose gravel, rocks and other road debris. This sturdy film is fortified with a layer of urethane that resists corrosion from acidic substances and other surface contaminants that attack paints and enamels. This urethane layer is strengthened and enhanced further by its top layer of elastomeric polymers that assume their previous form and texture after even a serious scratch or scrape.

This resilient film actually offers a form of "self-healing" protection to the surfaces of your new vehicle. With this highly effective shield covering your car's exterior, its surface paint will not oxidize when exposed to harsh sunlight and damaging UV rays. This protective film will also safeguard your car body from chemical discoloration or etched stains resulting from bug splatters, bird droppings or acid rain. Although an ideal paint protection film is not a bulletproof vest for your car, it can shield the beauty and clarity of your car's painted surfaces for the long-term. In fact, this protective automotive film will increase the value of your car by protecting its exterior from the most frequently occurring types of damage.

Superior Paint Protection Film Removal from Auto Body Surfaces

There are times when it is necessary to have expert paint shielding film removal services performed on your vehicle's body surfaces. Common occurrences that require professional removal of this protective film include the following:

  • Yellowing. - Earlier versions of automotive protection films sometimes turned yellow on car surfaces due to an inferior grade of adhesive in their formulas needed to affix the film to the auto body. However, with use of top quality auto protective films today, the film will be attached firmly to your car's outer surfaces with an advanced adhesive that will not discolor.
  • Blistering. - If an inferior grade of protective auto film is applied to your car body by an inexperienced technician, surface blistering may occur. Blistering is caused by small air bubbles when a contaminant or some debris become caught underneath the film. An experienced technician will wash, clay and polish your car's exterior in a shop area with filtered air to prevent any instances of blistering.
  • Peeling. - Peeling of your vehicle's body surfaces can result from poor quality film application or from careless auto maintenance. For example, if you use a pressure wash for keeping your car clean, it is essential to keep a distance of at least one foot from the car's surface film. Otherwise, the force of the pressure cleaning can separate the film from the auto body surface, resulting in significant peeling.

Your car's protective film can be removed by gentle scraping from beneath an edge of the film or by use of a heat gun or steaming followed by more scraping. Afterward, you can apply an adhesive remover, then rub surfaces with a clay bar and dry them. Next, apply car wax to achieve an attractive polished finish. When you give your prized automobile this type of attention and care, you will enjoy the luxury of driving an attractive and fashionable car with ultimate quality, pristine finish and surface luster today and well into the future.

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