Mobile Mould Elimination



Mould can be an extremely hazardous to your health and vehicle. Properly treating and removing all the mould spores the first time is crucial and not something you want to take lightly or try yourself. Leave it to our professionals to come to you and do the job right the first time with our three step procedure. For the mobile mould elimination service we remove all the surface mould and detail the entire interior. You would be responsible for adequately drying the vehicle. Although this is offered for mobile, we do recommend you bring your vehicle into the shop.

Note: mould has entered your vehicle because moisture has been trapped in with no airflow or sun for a prolonged period of time. After the mould removal treatment its imperative that you thoroughly allow your vehicle to dry and monitor it for any leaks that may have caused the mould in the first place. Failure to do so will result in reoccurring new mould growth. Oftentimes, when there is mould we find that there’s a leak or water accumulation that is trapped under the carpet and seats. When this is the issue, you can never thoroughly dry the vehicle without removing the seats and carpet. As a result, the mould will continue to reappear. In order to combat this fully, the service needs to be done at our shop; where we can remove the seats and carpet, to clean and adequately dry the underlay and any moisture in the vehicle, and clean the areas that were not visible anymore. 

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