Bed Bug Extermination

Steam clean your vehicle to naturally exterminate bed bugs and prevent further infestations.

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Extreme Heat to Attack Bed bugs Infestations

Bed bugs are notorious for being extremely difficult to kill and remove, they're becoming increasingly immune to chemicals and pesticides and more and more people are complaining of bed bug bites and bed bugs infestations. Various government agencies and groups are actively promoting the use of steam for getting rid of bedbugs and extermination. Their best known weakness is the fact that they're extraordinarily vulnerable to high temperatures, studies have proved that exposure to temperatures of over 60ºC / 140ºF are effective in killing bed bugs and eradicating bed bug infestations.

Unique Detailing's vapor steam cleaners produce temperatures of up to 192ºC / 378ºC which provides not only the required lethal temperature to the surface but also penetrates the surface deep down to actively blast away and kill bed bugs and their eggs effectively eradicating bed bugs infestations and preventing future bed bug bites.

Bed bugs are susceptible to the exposure of these high temperatures at every stage of their life, including eggs. Because the temperature applied to bed bugs by steam cleaners is far superior to the lethal temperature required to kill them, the success rate is increased exponentially, easily allowing a complete eradication.

With the introduction of steam at up to 192ºC / 378ºC, Unique Detailing's commercial steam cleaner is the most reliable method for bed bug extermination and eradicating bed bug infestations as a treatment option it is irreplaceable in vehicles where babies, children, elderly, people dealing with sickness or anyone that has a low immune system and is vulnerable to the exposer of harsh chemicals normally used in bed bug extermination. The natural heat and cleaning power of the vapor steam produced only using water inside one of the robust commercial dry vapor steam cleaners can be used safely in automobiles, children's rooms, on bunk beds, cribs, strollers, changing tables etc. without risking the health of your loved ones.

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Who Should Order This Service

Who Should Order This Service

Anyone who has seen bedbugs or experiencing bedbug bites in their vehicle.

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