Mobile Exterior Polishing

The process in which few can master like we have, to restore and eliminate paint blemishes. Various stages of polishing and compounding with multiple different polishers to ensure a swirl-free finish without holograms and an extremely high gloss that will knock your socks off.

From $100 per hour


All paint correction work is done by the owner Kurtis Martin personally

Clay bar to remove paint surface contamination.

Measure paint thickness to determine how much clearcoat we have to work with safely.

3 stages of correction/polishing with multiple polishers to ensure a hologram and swirl free flawless finish!!

Alcohol wipe down to remove oils from polishing process.

**Popular Add-Ons**

Ceramic coating paint protection

Who Should Order This Service

Anyone looking to remove heavier and unsightly paint defects such as oxidized paint, swirl scratches, bush scratches, hard water deposits, acid rain etching, 3-D holograms and buffing trails for once and for all.

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