Wet and Colour Sanding

Sanding is the process undertaken to achieve a flawless, mirror-like finish by ridding paint of graver defects like deep scratches, paint runs and drips, excessive orange peel finishing, heavy reflection distortion, and generally other kinds of paint imperfection extensive polishing cannot address. Our methods involve the use of orbital or dual-action electric and pneumatic machines, as well as sanding by hand when necessary and applicable.

Sanding is a high-reward technique used for paint correction, which necessarily involves high risk--a mistake caused by oversanding can be very costly. As it requires proper training, education, practice and experience, we strongly suggest leaving such a delicate exercise to professionals like us.

From $125 an hour


  • Extensive preparatory wash
  • Clay bar treatment and chemical decontamination to remove bug splatter, iron fallout, tar, tree sap and light paint overspray, to ensure that we're evenly treating paint and not dirt
  • Determine the paint's current state by measuring its thickness with an electronic gauge, to avoid burning through clearcoat
  • Wet or damp sanding proper using abrasives as gritty as 800 and finish with as fine as 5000
  • Remove sanding marks with polishers and compounds for a flawless, mirror-like and show-worthy finish
  • Wipe polished panels down with isopropyl alcohol solution or a dedicated panel wipe to remove polish and compound oils


  • Robust paint protection in ceramic or graphene coating – please see our Paint Protection Page
  • Aquapel® extreme water repellency treatment, windshield only – $75
  • Aquapel® extreme water repellency treatment, front windshield and two windows – $150


This service is for those who desire a show-worthy, flawless paint finish on their vehicles. Perfect for vehicles that have been uncared for but possess great aesthetic potential, collector vehicles that must be maintained to perfection, those fresh from a repainting job at a body  shop, or vehicles to be entered into car shows and the like.

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