Mobile Premium Mini Detail

A semi-annual maintenance package inclusive of our signature extensive wash, decontamination and protection for your vehicle's exterior and a basic clean for the interior, to give your ride the minimum care and maintenance that it deserves.

Regular size $250 | Large $300 | Oversize $350

Running time: approximately 3 to 5 hours



  • Foam cannon and powerwash pre-rinse
  • Degrease wheel wells and all door jambs
  • Thorough clean of wheel faces, barrels and tires
  • Gentle contact wash with a two-bucket method and pH-neutral car shampoo
  • Clay bar treatment and chemical decontamination to remove bug splatter, iron fallout, tar, tree sap and light paint overspray
  • Dry with an airblower and plush mircofibre towel
  • Spray on ceramic-based paint sealant for protection of at least 6 months
  • Dress tires


  • Wash and scrub rubber mats
  • Vacuum seats, fabric mats and carpet
  • Wipe down of dashboard, consoles, seats, door cards and all other interior surfaces
  • Streak-free cleaning of windows, driving and vanity mirrors, and other glass or glossy surfaces


  • Full interior detailing – $100
  • One-step machine polishing – $100
  • Aquapel® extreme water repellency windshield treatment – $75


The Mobile Premium Mini Detail is perfect for those whose vehicles are ceramic coated, or are regularly washed and cared for but look to bolster that maintenance by ridding paint of contaminants (that cause the surface to feel rough to the touch), while requiring minimal or light interior cleaning.

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