Mobile Overspray Removal

Finding out you have overspray on the vehicle is not a good feeling. But knowing that Unique Detailing can typically remove 100% of it safely is a good feeling.

Starting from $200

Unique detailing has years of experience safely removing overspray paints, epoxies, urethanes, asphalt, tar, concrete, other chemical concomitants and industrial fall out iron dust that may have unfortunately found its way on your new or used vehicle. You can trust our professional technicians and special techniques that we can 100% remove the overspray from all painted surfaces, glass, chrome, plastic and most rubber surfaces. Following the overspray removal, we often recommend polishing or waxing the vehicle to rejuvenate the paint to a state that is better than before the overspray incident happened.

Who Should Order This Service

​Anyone who can visibly see or even feel overspray on their vehicle.

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