Full Monty

The most attention you can give to your ride when it comes to detailing. Hours of cut polishing/paint correcting and deep interior cleaning. Followed by premium protection on your paint, glass, leather and vinyl by the best products in the industry.

$100 per hour



  • Horse brush scrub clean and disinfect all interior surfaces thoroughly. i.e. all leather vinyl, plastic, dash, doors, seats, cup holders, vents, steering wheel, gauges etc.
  • High air pressure cleaning for all nooks, crannies, crevices and vents.
  • Vacuum thoroughly carpet, seats, headliner and trunk.
  • Power wash shampoo and dry floor mats and rubber mats
  • Clean windows, gauges and vanity mirrors
  • Recondition and protect all interior leather vinyl and plastic


  • Foam cannon and power wash rinse to remove loss dirt and debris
  • Degrease and clean fender walls, tires and door and trunk jambs
  • Remove all brake dust inside and out of the wheels
  • Engine shampoo
  • Gentle two bucket hand wash with PH formula soap
  • Clay bar and iron off decontamination to remove industrial/environmental fallout, tar, sap, bug splatter and even light overspray
  • Multi-staged machine cut polishing for optimal paint correction
  • Apply ceramic sealant 6-12 months of protection
**Popular Add-Ons**
  • Wet sanding
  • Ceramic Pro

Who Should Order This Service

Someone looking to get the best bang for their buck with our most in-depth complete detailing package. Ideal for anyone looking to restore and beautify their vehicle to its best potential while maintaining its longevity by giving it the protection it needs.

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